This is the publication outlet of Morgan Thomas. I (Morgan) use it to publish series of statements that are true according to my opinion. Please feel welcome to comment and share your own opinions. I am also willing to consider others’ work for publication here.

A bit about me. I am Morgan. I am a follower of God, by whom I mean the one infinite creator, who all is in and is in all and is one with all. My mission and purpose is to seek power in order to serve others and to fulfill the will of the one infinite creator. I pursue my mission in many ways, including by the practices of philosophy, mysticism, and software development.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a Methodist.

I am a humble bringer of the Law of One. The Law of One states that all is one, that all is one with the infinite creator. I come bringing a coherent system of meta-philosophy built out of the Law of One, which solves paradoxes and allows for the unification of classical logic with natural language, providing the only comprehensive system I’m aware of for doing so.

I don’t think I can force anybody to agree with me on anything. I don’t believe my point of view is the only view that could be correct. I am open to the points of view of others. I want to promote free and independent thinking. I want the reader to consider my thoughts if they so wish, and to use them to inform their thoughts if they consider this to be appropriate and good for their purposes.

I intend to share my views from a stance of intellectual humility. I recognize that because I am a human, I am fallible, biased, and limited in my information. Everything I say in this publication is intended to be my humble, considered, and educated opinion.

For two years I practiced academic philosophy at the University of Connecticut as a PhD student. You can view my academic page. I am no longer playing the academic philosophy game.

Nothing I write on the public Internet represents the views of any of my employers.

I will not commit suicide.